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What is Used to Clean Pools

By on May 21, 2018
What is Used to Clean Pools

Keeping the swimming pool clean can be a tough job, especially when you don’t have the right thing and chemicals. I usually use my best above ground pool to clean up my pool and with some chemicals to make it clean. Keep the basic on hand for regular maintenance as well as anticipated water problems.

What is Used to Clean Pools ? Here are the compounds which are used to clean the pool


These are the chemicals which are used to keep the water disinfected and sanitized. There should be a constant level of bromine in water at all times without a lot of valleys and peaks.
DiChlor: with the help of cyanuric acid, the powdered form acts quickly to chlorinated pools.
TriChlor: with the help of cyanuric acid. Add them to a chlorine floater or in an installed chlorinator.
Cyanuric acid: it is a dry or liquid chlorine sanitizer which protects chlorine from damage by UV rays. A small amount of it can be added to color and trichlor; you can also add extra if the pool was drained to maintain the 30-60ppm. Drain some water and refill if VYA level gets much more than 70 ppm.


It is a secondary sanitizer which is used once a week to kill bacteria and algae. Chlorine or non-chlorine shocks are in the form of powdered, open the bag of oxidizer and pour it into the swimming pool.
Calcium Hypochlorite: It is used to quickly sanitize pool water, boost up the chlorine levels and kill algae. It works best with a low level of pH with around 6.2.
Chlorine-free shock: it is one of the fast acting oxygen based sanitizer that burns or clean with no residue left and you can also swim right after the treatment.
Lithium shock: this powder is excellent for pools which are having liners because it won’t work in bleach the ship, and also dissolves right away so is safe to swim right just after the treatment too.

Specialty Chemicals:

Many particular chemicals can come in the picture when unexpected problems arise, or to keep the pool looking best. This is one of the most significant categories of pool problems which is mainly used for every type of pool problem.

Algaecides: Some of them are copper-based, and most are nonmetallic polymers which help to prevent algae from growing in the pool.

Enzymes: Some of the proteins like pool perfect which break down the oils and other forms of non-living organic contamination from water which removes scrum, oils, and odors.

Metal magnets: Sequestering agents are used to lock up the trace metals from the water and keep them in the solution so that they don’t stain the surfaces of the pool.

Filter cleaners: Filter cleaner is used to clean DE, sand and cartridge filter elements to keep the screen working well in a proper condition. It also helps to remove minerals, oils or any other type of clogging gunk.

Phosphate removers: Some of the products like PhosFree breaks down the phosphates in the water. It is one of the primary sources of food for algae as without food algae can’t survive in the water.
Stain removers: it helps to remove or prevents the surface scaling, stains and colored water due to excess minerals and metals in the water.

Best inground pool vacuum: There is some inground pool vacuum that you can use. You can use Robotic and suction.

Startup kits and closing kits: When it comes to opening and closing the pool, you need an opportunity and closing tools for it.

Vinyl cleaner and tile: It works wonders to remove oil and grease build up around the line of water, or on skimmer, furniture, slides, and diving boards.

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5 Different Types of Type of Floor Finishing Which You Can Use

By on May 4, 2018
Type of Floor Finishing

Flooring is a thing that can either make or break a room. Flooring should always look amazing in a place without taking away the focal point of the room. It is little like a women’s makeup. The best composition is a makeup which is not noticed but enhances everything else. There are so many things that should know about flooring, everything right from how to seal the concrete to the cost of laying laminating flooring.

So, here are five different types of type of floor finishing which you can use.


Hardwood floors generally come in the top of the list. It is one of the best floorings you can have and are one of the most expensive ones because it is a floor which is made of solid pieces of wood. They can even be sanded and finished so that they can be used for a longer duration of time. You also need to be so much care with them though, as they do scratch and gouge and if it is not finished well then cold, wet or heat can damage it. Hardwood floors are beautiful and also comes in different styles and types of wood. The cost of refinishing hardwood floors vs. new stories is $900.


Overlay flooring is a layering of various materials. Its also call laminate. There usually are four layers. The last two segments are for protection and quality, and to help the upper two tiers. The third layer is the example which can look like wood or stone or anything. The best layer is usually a reasonable pitch that is worn safe and is the part you stroll on. Cover floors can most recent 20 years or more if dealt with. You can’t restore overlay floors, yet they are anything but difficult to pull up and supplant with another cover floor. For the financial plan cognizant, overlay floors are likely extraordinary compared to other arrangements out there.


Linoleum floors have been around for a more extended period. They are very cheaper and resistant to wear. Many hospitals use tile as they are naturally resistant to germs and microorganisms. They do not look like a most beautiful and warm living flooring but yes if done nicely then it seems nice. It is not used for bedroom or living room, but for kitchen or bathroom, it is more suitable flooring.


Vinyl flooring is also around for so many time. It is one of the most coming woodworks because of having a wide range of textures, patterns, and more essentially low cost. It is easy to install, durable, cheap and easy to replace anytime. If you are on a budget, then vinyl is the way to go and look for.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile for flooring is also a good compromise between the usability and the budget. It can be as simple as square tiles, or it can also be as complex like as a beautiful mosaics. It is quite easy to take care of, and as long as you keep the grouting clean till then, it will remain attractive. On the other hand, it is very unforgiving if you drop your cell phone on it or anything else that is fragile.

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Menopause Symptoms and Effects of Hormone Imbalance in Women

By on April 25, 2018
Hormone Imbalance

Menopause in women is inevitable. Apparently, the time it occurs in women might vary, but eventually, it will come to happen.
It is this change that symbolizes the culmination of fertility in women and ordinarily comes with some symptoms, both emotional and physical, which often arise from the hormonal imbalance of the body.

But the good news, however, is that nowadays it is easy to determine this particular stage hence possible to deal with it using a variety of treatment options available that would reduce the effects.
In as much as this [natural articular phenomenon can be devastating, it still easy to manage it.

Hormone Imbalance

As women attain menopause, one of the standard effects that they face is hormonal changes that take effect in their reproductive cycle.
Progesterone and estrogen are the major hormones in the female’s body. Estrogen tends to occur about once before menopause especially during the initial parts of the menstruation until ovulation.
Ordinarily, these two hormones are always balanced during menstruation because of the absence of pregnancy.
It is a cycle that continues every time until the moment one gets into menopause. During menopause, thing tends to be a little bit different though.
What happens is that there is no ovulation during this time and for that reason, progesterone hormone tends to be dormant regarding production and hence fail to balance with estrogen.
It is this excessive estrogen that makes the body to become relatively toxic and hence leading to various symptoms of menopause in women.
Let us find some of these symptoms and understand them briefly;


One of the significant effects of hormonal imbalance in women is that it creates different traits that tend to be different from every woman.
Furthermore, these symptoms also occur during various phases of menopause among women. It thus shows that there is no a definite time for a particular trait to arise.
Some of the most common symptoms associated with this particular condition include skin aging, mood swings, hair loss, depression, and memory lapses.
Also, menopause can also lead to relatively low self-drive, headache, weight gain, depression, breast cancer, thyroid dysfunction and uterine fibroids among others.
Nevertheless, the treatment for all these different symptoms also varies from one woman to the other.
Therefore, you need to understand how your body works before even thinking of getting the particular medication or treatment option for any of the symptoms.

How to manage the symptoms

Production of progesterone and estrogen are essential in preventing the adverse symptoms that emanate from the imbalance.
For instance, progesterone is known for generating energy whereas estrogen is known for causing weight gain.
When estrogen is secreted in excess, chances are also high that one can suffer from depression but at the same time progesterone acts as a natural antidepressant,
So primarily, these two hormones are vital to the body in as much as they have opposite effects and tend supplement one another in various ways hence leading to balance without the adverse symptoms.


Treatment for hormonal imbalance is something that requires an in-depth intervention if at all it has to be effective.
For once, it is ideal to understand that this type of imbalance cannot be treated in entirety but can only be suppressed to relieve you from the ensuing pain.
The supplements that are often used in suppressing the symptoms of the hormonal imbalance that results in menopause range from pill to creams.
For the body to attain the right balance, it can take up to about four months or so depending on an individual’s response to the drugs.
There is thus no a definite duration for the hormonal balance to take place in the body the moment you start using these particular drugs.
The best news, however, is that in most cases, these symptoms tend to disappear within the shortest time possible even in two weeks upon commencing the treatment.
Hormone therapy is an effective intervention for this imbalance. However, it is not ideal for women who have a relatively adverse history regarding a myriad of diseases such as liver infections, blood clots, vaginal bleeding, breast and uterine cancer among others.
In such cases, it is recommended that if possible find ways of treating each symptom individually and also use the antidepressants if you suffer from depression.

Adjusting to lifestyle changes

The truth of the matter is that your lifestyle plays a minimal role in determining the effect of hormonal levels in your body.
However, you also need to be cognizant of the fact that you can maintain a healthy body especially when it is ready to deal with any probable symptoms that may arise.
It is thus essential that you reduce some of the lifestyle habits such as abusing drugs and alcohol. Also, you also need to exercise most of the time so that you reduce weight and stay fit.
The essence of this is to make it possible for you to reduce the risk of contracting other diseases. Doctors also recommend that you go for a medical breast cancer test at least every year to make it possible for you to detect any possible existence of the disease.

The good thing is that you can always manage the effects of such illnesses before they become serious.
The other essential element that you must also figure out is the fact that you need to eat healthy meals. Healthy meals in this case just mean that you need to eat right portions of balanced diet all the time.

The food you eat has a significant effect on your hormonal balance because it is the food elements that in most cases help to instigate the production of these two significant hormones in women.
When you eat well accordingly, you’ll also be able to attain this particular aspect of dealing with a hormonal imbalance that would result in reduced gruesome effects and better health in general.

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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Original Kimchi, How To Make Kimchi at Your Kitchen

By on February 22, 2018
How To Make Kimchi

Kimchi or kimchee is a legendary fermented Korean food that made from vegetables like cabbage and a range of herbs and spices. It is the national dish of Korea, the country where I born and it been famous since long time ago.

Okay, so that may not be an exact representation of how kimchi is made, but making kimchi is certainly something you should try safely at home. It is very easy and I believe anyone can make it in your own kitchen, even an American.

Indeed sometimes it can be a bit messy and time-consuming, it can also be fun and the chili-infused experience makes for interesting dinner party conversation. Give it a shot and let us know how they liked it or not!

About Korean Kimchi

As we know this dish is one of Korea’s unique ethnic foods and based on historical records, it showed that kimchi was developed around 4,000 years back. This record is based on the fact that in that time people already cultivated red pepper in the age of three states, which revealed individuals are tearing and it apart when consuming.

We might conclude that cabbage kimchi has existed hundreds or countless years back. As a necessary component, red pepper discourages the development of bacteria and helps helpful germs such as lactic acid germs to grow. In short, our forefathers found the fact that red pepper creates the fermentation process and deters decay.

Benefits of Kimchi

Some people who love to eat kimchi believe that kimchi can ward off whatever from cancer to avian flu disease. While we would not go that far right now, kimchi’s dietary advantages are fantastic enough that makes a famous Health magazine to have stated it one of the “World’s Healthiest Foods”.

Fermented vegetables like kimchi have been recognized that it has some positive effects on health, but significant advantage is that it is practical.
Fermenting is something that takes little time, and which you can enjoy for days. If you spend some time on your free day here (vegetable cutting etc) You can eat the following days.

Kimchi has low-calorie content, lots of fiber and is seen as a nutrient-packed side dish. It is a repository of different Vitamins A, B, and C like in yogurt, it is bursting with good-for-you bacteria.
This fermented dish is also rich in essential amino acids and minerals (iron, calcium, selenium).

Kimchi has an impressive assortment of potent antioxidants and provides an added advantage of probiotics and also in the form of lactobacillus bacteria. It contains numerous healthy components, including capsaicin, chlorophyll, carotenoids, a flavonoid.

Besides that here are the benefits of kimchi:

  • It helps you promotes digestion
  • Supply high antioxidant for your body
  • Help you boost your immune system
  • Prevents Cancer


How To Make Kimchi Recipe


  • 1 full of cabbage
  • 1 Korean radish and 2 garlic chives
  • 1 stalk of green onion (chopped)
  • 1 cup of all-purpose flour
  • kosher salt
  • Gochugaru (Korean red chili flakes) – 1 cup


  1. The main ingredients of kimchi is a cabbage, first just get a knife and cut down in half take it out and do the rest with your hand, then cut again in a quarter.
  2. The rest you can just separate it with your hands one two three four pieces.
  3. Wash the cabbage with running cold water.
  4. Layering each cabbage with kosher salt so this is kosher salt you see grains are much bigger than normal salt.
  5. Additional vegetables we’re gonna use one is the Korean radish and garlic chives.
  6. Then we have garlic chives here so garlic chives are flat we need twenty of these never the guard says let’s make cuts up to here.
  7. We want to let this fully cool down the next step if it’s not cool if you get a lot of lumps pop this in the refrigerator feeling expedite the process.
  8. Then we’re gonna put in some glutinous rice flour to make a paste you can find is that creamy, but if you have trouble finding it then just use all-purpose flour it’s alright we’re gonna put in two tablespoons
  9. We’re gonna put some kimchi paste on each layer starting from the bottom of the page evenly all across the leaf.
  10. You don’t wanna have any places that are white and this is actually the most fun part.
  11. After all that hard work or preparation leery of only one side no need to do it back this way girls and boys it’s just like getting your hair done in the saloon think about that while a beautiful piece of art what do you think.
  12. Down on the sauce you should see bubbles coming out like that right to see that here that’s from the fermentation process there’s a lot of nice probiotics and bloody things happening right now, and then we just let it in the fridge and once it’s cool, it’s ready to eat.
  13. And finally, we’re gonna dump in our case now that’s gonna bring everything together put on some gloves and then just makes this.

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