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5 Different Types of Type of Floor Finishing Which You Can Use

May 4, 2018
Type of Floor Finishing

Flooring is a thing that can either make or break a room. Flooring should always look amazing in a place without taking away the focal point of the room. It is little like a women’s makeup. The best composition is a makeup which is not noticed but enhances everything else. There are so many things that should know about flooring, everything right from how to seal the concrete to the cost of laying laminating flooring.

So, here are five different types of type of floor finishing which you can use.


Hardwood floors generally come in the top of the list. It is one of the best floorings you can have and are one of the most expensive ones because it is a floor which is made of solid pieces of wood. They can even be sanded and finished so that they can be used for a longer duration of time. You also need to be so much care with them though, as they do scratch and gouge and if it is not finished well then cold, wet or heat can damage it. Hardwood floors are beautiful and also comes in different styles and types of wood. The cost of refinishing hardwood floors vs. new stories is $900.


Overlay flooring is a layering of various materials. Its also call laminate. There usually are four layers. The last two segments are for protection and quality, and to help the upper two tiers. The third layer is the example which can look like wood or stone or anything. The best layer is usually a reasonable pitch that is worn safe and is the part you stroll on. Cover floors can most recent 20 years or more if dealt with. You can’t restore overlay floors, yet they are anything but difficult to pull up and supplant with another cover floor. For the financial plan cognizant, overlay floors are likely extraordinary compared to other arrangements out there.


Linoleum floors have been around for a more extended period. They are very cheaper and resistant to wear. Many hospitals use tile as they are naturally resistant to germs and microorganisms. They do not look like a most beautiful and warm living flooring but yes if done nicely then it seems nice. It is not used for bedroom or living room, but for kitchen or bathroom, it is more suitable flooring.


Vinyl flooring is also around for so many time. It is one of the most coming woodworks because of having a wide range of textures, patterns, and more essentially low cost. It is easy to install, durable, cheap and easy to replace anytime. If you are on a budget, then vinyl is the way to go and look for.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile for flooring is also a good compromise between the usability and the budget. It can be as simple as square tiles, or it can also be as complex like as a beautiful mosaics. It is quite easy to take care of, and as long as you keep the grouting clean till then, it will remain attractive. On the other hand, it is very unforgiving if you drop your cell phone on it or anything else that is fragile.

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