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What is Used to Clean Pools

May 21, 2018
What is Used to Clean Pools

Keeping the swimming pool clean can be a tough job, especially when you don’t have the right thing and chemicals. I usually use my best above ground pool to clean up my pool and with some chemicals to make it clean. Keep the basic on hand for regular maintenance as well as anticipated water problems.

What is Used to Clean Pools ? Here are the compounds which are used to clean the pool


These are the chemicals which are used to keep the water disinfected and sanitized. There should be a constant level of bromine in water at all times without a lot of valleys and peaks.
DiChlor: with the help of cyanuric acid, the powdered form acts quickly to chlorinated pools.
TriChlor: with the help of cyanuric acid. Add them to a chlorine floater or in an installed chlorinator.
Cyanuric acid: it is a dry or liquid chlorine sanitizer which protects chlorine from damage by UV rays. A small amount of it can be added to color and trichlor; you can also add extra if the pool was drained to maintain the 30-60ppm. Drain some water and refill if VYA level gets much more than 70 ppm.


It is a secondary sanitizer which is used once a week to kill bacteria and algae. Chlorine or non-chlorine shocks are in the form of powdered, open the bag of oxidizer and pour it into the swimming pool.
Calcium Hypochlorite: It is used to quickly sanitize pool water, boost up the chlorine levels and kill algae. It works best with a low level of pH with around 6.2.
Chlorine-free shock: it is one of the fast acting oxygen based sanitizer that burns or clean with no residue left and you can also swim right after the treatment.
Lithium shock: this powder is excellent for pools which are having liners because it won’t work in bleach the ship, and also dissolves right away so is safe to swim right just after the treatment too.

Specialty Chemicals:

Many particular chemicals can come in the picture when unexpected problems arise, or to keep the pool looking best. This is one of the most significant categories of pool problems which is mainly used for every type of pool problem.

Algaecides: Some of them are copper-based, and most are nonmetallic polymers which help to prevent algae from growing in the pool.

Enzymes: Some of the proteins like pool perfect which break down the oils and other forms of non-living organic contamination from water which removes scrum, oils, and odors.

Metal magnets: Sequestering agents are used to lock up the trace metals from the water and keep them in the solution so that they don’t stain the surfaces of the pool.

Filter cleaners: Filter cleaner is used to clean DE, sand and cartridge filter elements to keep the screen working well in a proper condition. It also helps to remove minerals, oils or any other type of clogging gunk.

Phosphate removers: Some of the products like PhosFree breaks down the phosphates in the water. It is one of the primary sources of food for algae as without food algae can’t survive in the water.
Stain removers: it helps to remove or prevents the surface scaling, stains and colored water due to excess minerals and metals in the water.

Best inground pool vacuum: There is some inground pool vacuum that you can use. You can use Robotic and suction.

Startup kits and closing kits: When it comes to opening and closing the pool, you need an opportunity and closing tools for it.

Vinyl cleaner and tile: It works wonders to remove oil and grease build up around the line of water, or on skimmer, furniture, slides, and diving boards.

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